The party that started it all...

So apologies are in order:

In the fall of 2006, I sparked a national obsession. It was quite accidental. I simply combined two wonderful things, bacon and parties. The combination has proven stronger than I ever realized, and at this point it might be too late to stop the madness.

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Other bacon-themed events have sprung up around the country... Usually called "Festivals", they charge for admission, and are sponsored by major national brands (I will sell out, by the way... give me a call). This party is different, though! It's free. It's poorly planned*. It's not held at a fairground or an amphitheater... it's at my house. And you can't buy this bacon in stores (because I make it myself, and I don't have the permits).

* No matter what happens, this party will be better than the clowns in Maryland

The Bacon Party is Back!

Without adding too much bacon-grease to this fire.... let's do it again! On September 13, 2014, it's another Bacon Bacchanal! Then... for the next two years, let's promise to enjoy bacon occasionally, in a responsible, non-obnoxious way.

For the eighth time in nine years, I'll be dry curing and smoking 3-400 lbs of fresh pork belly. Real bacon comes out the other end, and if you've never had real bacon, you might be surprised to learn that the best thing in the world can actually taste better than you've ever known. It's ridiculously good, but that could just be the adrenaline from eating a non-USDA inspected cured meat product.

With real bacon in hand, I have excessive amounts of people over to my undersized house. We wash it down with drinks, live music, bacon creations, BLTs, and a blow-up castle. I'm providing the homemade bacon, BLT fixings, beer and soda. Everything else is up to you. It's pretty much an open invite, which means come on over.

Bacon Party Vitals

When: September 13, 2014, anytime after 2PM.

   Before 6pm will be kid-friendly. After 6pm is kid-friendly if your kids are awesome.

Where: 1093 Tullar Rd, Neenah, WI. Directions

Who: You, and bring a friend. Keep bringing friends of friends until you get to Kevin Bacon (should be about 6 total)

What can I bring: If you're so inclined - A creative bacon dish. Lawnchairs. Yard games. Garden tomatoes. Celebrity friends & relatives.

Why: I have no clue.

How much does it cost: There will be a 50/50 raffle if you want to make a donation

If you can't make it... the Bacon Party is every other year, so I'll see you on September 19th, 2016.

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Pictures from past years, and I'll be posting my progress until the party -

Live Music?

You bet! These guys have rocked the party for three years now, and they are back! Check out Eli Houston on Facebook or the web

A Blow Up Castle?

Yup. This is a real party.

Bring home the bacon!

I'm packing it up. $5 gets you a 10 oz pack of the good stuff. Reserve yours below, pick it up at the party.

10 oz packs:


I'm sure I've created nothing but questions! Drop me a line at seamus.wedge(a) or use the form above...