Well, this is embarrassing...

The reports of the world ending have been greatly exaggerated, but it was a hell of a party! Thanks to everyone that helped.

Mark Your Mayan Calendars

Not to be too alarmist, but the world will be ending on September 8th, 2012. Sheets of fire will cover the sky, earthquakes will rattle the tallest mountains, and the ground beneath us will open up and devour entire cities. The bodies will be scattered and stacked like cord wood, and no one will be spared. Frankly, I hope I'm right because September 8th is my pick in the end of the world office pool. Hear me out. The research on this is pretty clear...

Sure, everyone *thinks* the Mayan calendar ends in December, but let's not get too comfortable. The Mayan calendar was pretty advanced for Mesoamerica circa 700 AD, but they didn't include leap years, and they rounded off the circumference / diameter ratio of their circular calendar. Stupid Mayans... it's 3.14, not 3! This means that it is only a short amount of time before we have to stare into the dark void and accept our fate, which sucks if you've been staying current on your student loans.

All we can do now is panic and plan for our last moments. Go see your loved ones, max out your credit cards, and since a last will and testament doesn't matter... just transfer your bank account over to me because that makes sense.

The most important decision you'll have to make, though: What will you be having for your last meal?

If your last meal doesn't include bacon, you're probably already dead

The Bacon Party is Back!

The end of the world calls for a party like there's no tomorrow, complete with homemade bacon, BLT's, beer, live music and a blow-up castle (yes, you'll still have to take off your shoes).

For the seventh year running, I'll be getting my hands on an excessive amount of side pork (300 lbs last year), and then going through the process of curing, drying and smoking it. Real bacon comes out the other end, and if you've never had real bacon, you might be surprised to learn that the best thing in the world can actually taste way better than you've ever known.

With real bacon in hand (not literally; that would be gross), I have excessive amounts of people over to my undersized house and we wash it down with drinks, live music, homemade bacon creations, BLTs and a freaking blow-up castle. It's pretty much an open invite, meaning come on over. If you don't think you'll know anyone, just bring a friend or a good personality.

Bacon Party Vitals

Child in bacon costumeSaturday, September 8th, 2012, join us in Neenah WI for the 7th Annual Bacon Party. The festivities start at 2 PM and last until the man shuts us down.

I will provide homemade bacon, BLT fixings, beer and soda. If you want to bring something, feel free to bring a bacon side, lawn chairs, garden tomatoes, or outdoor games. If you want to volunteer some time, let me know in the comments section below, and I will completely abuse your generosity. If you want to contribute cash, there will be a 50/50 raffle with half the proceeds going to the party fund.

The rules are the same as last year:

See you there!

Check us out on Facebook!

Pictures from past years, a couple of things I find funny, and pictures of cute kittens. It's all at www.facebook.com/legalizebacon.

(there are no kitten pictures, but I bet you already clicked on it)

Wait... Live Music?

You bet! These guys have rocked the party for two years in a row and they are back! Too bad this will be their last concert because everyone is going to die. Check out Eli Houston on Facebook or the web

A Blow Up Castle?

It's the end of the world and it sounds like fun, so why not?

Bring home the bacon!

Well, not any more, but you can leave me comments below...



I'm sure I just created nothing but questions! Drop me a line at seamus.wedge(a)thebaconparty.com or use the form above...