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A decade later

It's been ten years since the first bacon party. Through the years we've had

This is a house party with live music in the garage, a bounce house, and obscene amounts of bacon. It's nothing more, and nothing less.

In past years I made my own bacon, but this year we will be feasting on Hormel Black Label. Yay food safety!


September 17, 2016, anytime after 2 pm. Before 6 pm is kid-friendly. After 6 pm is kid-friendly if your kids are awesome. Live music gets going when the band shows up.


1093 Tullar Rd., Neenah WI
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You, and bring a friend. They can also bring a friend. Just keep inviting people you know until you get to Kevin Bacon. Stop there, and that should be about 6 total.

What can I bring

If you're so inclined:

We'll have everything for BLT's, beer, juice, soda, water, a bounce house, a real house, and even a place to go potty.


I ask myself why almost every day.

How much

I take donations, but only if you gamble it first. There will be a 50/50 raffle if you want to contribute.

I have so many more questions

Shoot me a note!



E-mail: seamus.wedge -at-

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